Specializing in natural fed bison meat, quality hides and skulls since 1986!


With a herd of 300 bison on 800 acres you're bound to see some of these magestic animals from the road as you pass by.

Our Meat

We’re currently taking orders for quarter, half and full bison.  A half is usually 240-270 lbs. Our cost is $10 a pound. Animals are split evenly front and back. We don't not offer just a rear quarter for example.

Additionally, $1.10 per pound is paid to the butcher ( Butcher Bobs ) for cutting and wrapping based on your order forms. quarters may have a upcharge for wrapping. Quarters will consist of ground, burgers, sausages and steaks. Our butcher we use offers shipping all over.

****NEW FOR 2023***

BBQ Sampler packs are available. $350 for 20 lbs. Packs contain steaks, sausages, burgers and ground meat. Please note these packages cannot be shipped at this time. Pick-up is available in 70 mile or Surrey BC.

A sample of the cuts available is located at the link below from the Canadian Bison Association.

We’re located in 70 Mile House BC. Its hard to get a detailed shipping quote as we don’t know the total weight of the order until its cut and wrapped. Butcher Bobs should be able to quote this based on previous orders.

Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have!

To order please email us at xhbuffalo@gmail.com 

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    and more!

  • Experiences

    -Ranch Tours

    -$40 per person

    -$120 per family ( 2 adults up to 3 kids )

    -Horseback Trail Rides ( 2024 )

    - Country Store

  • Location

    Beautifully nestled in the heart of the Cariboo next to South Green Lake in 70 Mile House BC!

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The main reason for raising bison, other than the love of the animals and the life style, is for the meat. The Canadian Bison Association recommends buffalo meat as a healthy and natural alternative to beef. As well as being a natural red meat, buffalo meat is low in fat, low in cholesterol, and high in protein. No antibiotics, chemicals or growth hormones are used in raising XH Buffalo.The ranch sells buffalo meat by the side from November until February. People interested in purchasing meat can do so by purchasing a half, or a whole animal. The meat from 18 to 21 month old yearlings is processed in a government approved facility and will be cut and wrapped to suit customer wishes. When you purchase buffalo meat, nutritionally you are getting more... more protein and more nutrients, for less... less fat,less calories and less cholesterol. It takes less buffalo meat to satisfy an appetite and cooking buffalo meat results in very little shrinkage, therefore less goes further. Ask for an order form with more information by:calling 604-365-2183 or Email:XHbuffalo@gmail.com Prices can vary according to current world and market trends.


From Highway 97 turn onto North Bonaparte Road (heading east). In approximately 11 km turn left onto Green Lake South Road, and continue for a further 10 km before arriving at the driveway to the XH Buffalo Ranch.


XH Buffalo Ranch falls within the Interlakes region and is a popular destination for fishermen and anglers looking to take advantage of the renowned trout fishing throughout the area. The expansive territory and relatively flat topography make for an ideal setting for lovers of the outdoors. The area is scattered with not only lakes, but countless trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, ATVing and sledding


BISON TOURS - $120/HR per family of 5 - $40 per head after that.